Connected Corporate Planning

  • The whole business planning process has changed over the past several years from using Excel spread sheets that captured the basic business activities for a couple business units and mashing them together, to today trying to capture and analyze large volumes of data coming from various business units managing various product categories and operating from disperse locations. Excel is a great product but it was never designed to meet the growing needs of corporate planning, and quickly becomes the bottleneck in the process rather than a productive tool.
  • Leaders of today's fast paced global business environment need to take all the data flowing from Operations, Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Sales & Marketing, and integrate it into a cohesive dynamic business plan that is capable of capturing real-time information. Along with this the plan needs to be capable of allowing the user to run "what-if" scenarios to give users the ability to plan for all types of future events. And in addition, it needs to be "user friendly" so that all the interested parties can quickly and easily access and evaluate the data from anywhere in the world. That process is now called "Connected Planning" and JetStar Partners is capable of designing and implementing a "Connected Plan" for any type of business environment.