• It's no longer acceptable to only evaluate the condition of aircraft sporadically and hope that an unscheduled major maintenance event doesn't occur. 
  • With the advent of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), new intelligent sensors and health monitoring systems are being installed on both commercial jets and helicopters that allow operators and owners the ability to monitor their equipment on a "real time" basis. The amount of new data being transmitted off of aircraft though is staggering, and as a result most is not being used.  That data stream needs to be captured and analyzed on a real time basis, and fortunately new "data lakes", "predictive analytics" and "machine learning" systems have all recently been developed to handle that requirement.
  • JetStar Partners is actively involved with the manufacturers, software companies and operators and is developing customized monitoring tools for both operators and owners. Let us help develop to appropriate monitoring tools for your requirements.   

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Additional Uses

Also, though jetMONITOR is initially being developed for active aircraft monitoring, it can also be applied for other aviation uses as well. Here a just a couple of those opportunities:

  • Real-time Airport Terminal Monitoring
  • Real-time Aircraft Taxi Monitoring

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Technology Platforms