ISTAT Foundation

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation  (ISTAT Foundation) was founded in 1994 to support individuals and  institutions that promote the advancement of commercial aviation and  humanitarianism. Funding for programs is provided by annual grants from  ISTAT and contributions from individuals and companies. The ISTAT  Foundation Board of Trustees, a separate entity from the ISTAT Board of  Directors, manages fundraising and programming that meets the  Foundation's objectives.

Foundation Programs

Internship Program


The ISTAT Foundation Internship Program assists in the development of  aviation-focused college students desiring to become productive members  in the aircraft trading industry and generates qualified employment  candidates for ISTAT member companies.

The ISTAT Foundation Internship Committee acts as an intermediary  between ISTAT member companies and students seeking aviation  internships. Through the use of our web portal, qualified students and  employers are able to match the right skills, background and interests  with corporate internships.

Scholarship Program

 The ISTAT Foundation is actively engaged in helping young people develop  careers in aviation by offering scholarships typically up to $10,000 to  college-level students who are academically qualified and in need of  financial support. The program is administered by the Scholarship  Committee of the ISTAT Foundation Board of Trustees in conjunction with  accredited universities who recommend qualified students. 

ISTAT University

 The ISTAT Foundation is committed to supporting the education and  development of aviation–minded individuals who wish to pursue a career  in the field of aviation finance and trading. As part of this  commitment, the ISTAT Foundation has collaborated with Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Daytona Beach to deliver a specially designed one-year (six credit hour or global equivalent) aviation finance and leasing program, ISTAT U. 

Foundation Overview

ISTAT University