• In the world of aircraft ownership, the value of the aircraft is not only associated with the materials used to build it, but also the records used to maintain it. An aircraft without critical records has no market value.
  • It is imperative that the proper maintenance records follow the aircraft throughout it's life no matter how many operators may have utilized the aircraft during it's life.
  • Becasue records are so important, highly secure systems must be developed to capture and store them. A new technology called Blockchain has been developed to address the management and storage of critical documents. Though this technology is new, and currently only being used in the financials services industry, JetStar believes that it is the perfect platform for capturing and managing aircraft records throughout its' life-cycle. 
  • JetStar is currently working to develop a new Blockchain platform for the commercial jet and helicopter industry, with the goal offering a platform that can be used by manufacturers, operators, maintenance providers and owners.
  • Stay tuned!